Welcome To Foto-Mat Entertainment

Foto-Mat Entertainment is the company that originally invented the “Classic” photo booth back in 1946.  Since that time, the “Classic” booth has served the needs of hundreds of millions of customers around the world. You’ll find our photo booths in shopping malls, arcades, theatres, amusement parks, county fairs, museums, restaurants, retail stores, bars, nightclubs and tourist destinations throughout the country.  You’ll even find them in foreign consulates taking ID photos! Over the years, our photo booths have become part of an American tradition. Chances are, you’ve probably taken a picture in one of our booths, as well as your parents and your grandparents too!  And they probably still have their original photos!


Foto-Mat offers a complete collection of black & white and color photo booths.  Choose from our line of “Classic” photo booths dating back to the 50’s, or consider one of our new state-of-the-art digital booths that take those same “strip” of photos in either black & white or color, plus much more.

We also offer a full line of color and black & white photo booth paper, chemistry and parts for the traditional “Classic” photo booth.